Part 3: My Pivot

Welcome to Feminine Rising


This is a story in three parts For context, I recommend you start with Parts 1 and 2:

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a new project related to the themes of trauma, healing, and the concept of feminine energy as it applies to individuals and the body politic in this era.

I’m not ready to give you all the details yet on the bigger project yet, but I hope you’ll stick around to find out.

When Simone Biles prioritized her mental health over performing for others, I thought about how fruitless it is to persist in the absence of alignment.

After my brain injury, everything that was incongruent began to fall away and something new and organic is emerging in its place. Attempting to bend circumstances to my will has never served me. Now I’m taking what I’ve learned and trusting the new direction that’s emerging.

My business From Molly With Love is still here, but I am no longer pursuing its success as my primary purpose. This new project is more aligned with my future vision. Now it has incubated long enough to tease it. I will have more information to share between now and the end of 2021.

To be transparent, I am holding this project close to the chest because it’s big and scary and uncomfortable. I don’t want to be talked out of this big leap.

When you almost die, the concept of mortality becomes real.

I am not wasting any more time. This life is a precious gift and we don’t know how long we get to keep it.

I could have died three years ago, but I didn’t. I’m back and better than ever for a reason.

I refuse to give in or give up. I refuse to slip back into the victim mentality that plagued my entire life and trapped me in misery.

No regrets ever again.

A More Expansive View of Current Events

This weekly newsletter is directly related to the larger project I’m teasing.

I’ll offer commentary on current events from a unique, more expansive perspective that asks us to challenge outdated norms, calcified ideas, and expired paradigms.

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This newsletter will push you to think bigger.

Be warned: I have a big mouth and an opinion or two…

Is it for you? Here’s an example so you can decide for yourself.

Trauma work has changed the way I think and view the world. My mind has become both more flexible and discerning. I’ve found that to heal self-sabotage, one must dive beneath the surface of the conscious mind. It requires curiosity about one’s blind spots and behavioral patterns. This process is gnarly; truly no fun at all.

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But this is the work. And with persistent practice, it caused me to think bigger, ask more questions, and better discern the difference between fear, logic, and intuition.

When I could finally zoom all the way out, I noticed repeating patterns, like fractals, from the individual to the body politic to the planet to the cosmos.

In Part 2, I wrote about how the microcosm and macrocosm reflect one another. As is above, so is below. In this newsletter, I will analyze history, patterns, mythology, and archetypes to illuminate this dichotomy between parts and whole; how the individual’s healing can affect the body politic and vice versa.

I will frequently discuss collective trauma and share relatable stories and reflections from my life. However, please note that I am not a doctor or psychologist, so take my commentary with a grain of salt.

Feminine Rising

Healing, holistic thinking, and creative strategy are feminine concepts. We need this energy now more than ever.

We cannot heal our trauma unless we become more emotionally connected. This is a feminine quality.

In healing myself, I noticed that lower masculine energies had dominated my psyche, traits like avoidance, rigidity, fear, and control.

America too must soften. We’re at each other’s throats. Violence is in the air.

Sticking with the theme of feminine energy, this newsletter will be a creative endeavor. It will offer multimedia to delight the senses – written/spoken word, video, gifs, memes, tweets, quotes, poems, art, playlists, and more.

Creativity is healing.

This will be imperfect at first, but I’ll gather feedback and iterate as I go.

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I have a hunch that most of us have been struggling in this COVID era. I also sense a collective existential dread wafting in the air.

What will life be like a century from now? Will Democracy survive? Will the planet?

Life is changing so fast. Will we adapt?

If that feels familiar to you at all, please join me.

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We live in an age between world views, creative yet disoriented; a transitional era when the old cultural vision no longer fits and the new view hasn’t yet been constellated. Yet we are not without signs of what the new might look like.

To keep our sanity right now, we must recognize that we are not merely witnesses to this period but also contributors. We have important roles in the rebirth of a new age - one that will determine the fate of future generations. This is a critical turning point in our evolution. There is no going back to “normal.”  Let’s make it count.

I hope you’ll join me.

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